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Mar 16, 2019
Server Rules Are Still Being Worked On

General Rules:

Use common sense.
No Loopholing (Trying to purposely circumvent the rules)
Anything you say IC (In Character) stays in character, anything you say in OOC (Out Of Character) stays in Out Of Character.
Do not exploit bugs or glitches, this will result in you being severely punished
Do not metagame.
Do not scam players in any way.
Do not spam.
Advertising other servers will result in a Permaban (no exceptions).
Do not use animations or force powers to glitch your saber.
Combat is defined as not having taken damage within 30 seconds and not being pursued.
Combat tagged is defined as taking damage within the last 30 seconds.
Don't be a minge
No NLR (New Life Rule) - Forget everything that happened prior to death.
No FailRPing - All situations should be handled in character.
No Powergaming
No Harassing someone OOC
No Advertising
Use Common Sense
No impersonating staff members
Don't argue with staff
No threatening to DDoS or take down our network or others (we will perma-ban)
No Sexually abusive comments toward others.
No Racism (Except IC race)
Staff have final say
Don't cheese npcs/bosses you have to be able to get hit to fight
Don't return to a boss fight after dying

Standing/sitting on someone's head is not allowed
Non-SeriousRP names will NOT be tolerated.
Not following the player who handcuffed/bound you/Breaking out of cuffs infront of them.
Bringing 3rd party items up in voice or chat other than OOC that are in no way involved.

Combat Rules:
No Dual Wielding with pikes or dual ended sabers

Raid Rules:
Only High Ranking faction members may call a raid
Required for raid leader to "/comms" the beginning of the raid
Everyone gets 1 life in a raid
Must be atleast 5 players on each side to initiate a raid​
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