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Mar 16, 2019
Server Rules Are Still Being Worked On

General Rules

No RDM (Random Death Match)
No NLR (New Life Rule) - Forget everything that happened priot to death, can't return back for 10mins unless home planet
No Metagaming - Metagaming is the use of any form of information generated out of character.
No FailRPing - All situations should be handled in character.
No Minging
No Powergaming
No Racism
No Harassing someone OOC
No Advertising
You May Not AFK Meditate For Greater Then 5 Minutes
Use Common Sense
Staff have final say

Combat Rules
You must have a stance for combat
No Dual Wielding with pikes or dual ended sabers
You may not cloak in duals

Raid Rules
Only Masters+ can call raid
Every raider needs to "/raid Assist"
Every defender needs "/Defend planet" except home planets
Everyone gets 1 life in a raid
Must be atleast 5 players on each side to initiate a raid
Assassins/Shadows can kill prior to raid
You May Only Take Holocrons During A Raid
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